About The Read Pages


Untitled designThe Read Pages is a bookish blog. There will certainly be books – genres will be completely dependent on the reader’s tastes, preferences, or even mood of the day. Most content will be curated by long time reader (sometime blogger) Claire Brown. (That’s the writer of this About page – find me here.)  The Read Pages is born out of an any book philosophy. Meaning all time spent reading is time well spent.

So, we kinda have to do the whole disclosures thing, bear with me…


  1. The will be a zero tolerance policy for bully of any kind on this blog. Be kind to each other, and we will all get along fine.
  2. This blog is not currently monetized in any way. Could it be? Well maybe one day, and I reserve the right to allow that at some distant, and unlikely point in the future.
  3. All comments about the blog, either on my (AKA Claire Brown’s) Twitter or Instagram may be used at my discretion. Also, #TheReadPages, ’cause who knows maybe we’ll get it to trend one day.
  4. Last, but not least, there may be times when there’s a guest blogger. The more the merrier, right?!
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