Reading Goals – February 2018

I’m the type of person that sets loose reading goals. These usually get me into trouble. Let me explain what I mean…

I browse any bookstore, kiosk, or grocery store for books. I love them. The feel of them. Knowing that I’m in possession of that book – you know the one – it’s the one I’ll read “eventually”. I’m the Queen of collecting books for this mythical “eventually”. I read a lot, and I read fast. It’s a blessing and a curse. On the one hand I can read the next book club selection in less than three hours, on the other I feel like I’m constantly in between reads. It’s a cycle that that drives me crazy, but it’s also one I never want to escape from.

However, it does bring me back to always buying books. Borrowing books. Researching books. A friend of mine recently brought up that she was going to work on her TBR piles; that she was going to make a concerted effort to read books she ALREADY owned. She even went so far as to do an audit. Will I do that? No, I’m scared of the number. But, I am definitely going to make an effort to read books I already own. This includes my January purchases because sometimes it seems the longer they sit the less likely it is that I’ll read them.

On the Night Stand

So, here are the books I will read this February (I mean, not ALL the books I’ll read, gotta have some flexibility according to mood):

Bonus for me in February? It’s my birthday, and my long tradition to myself is days off. I’ll be spending all kinds of time with my books, I’ll be happy if I can cut my owned TBR down by these titles this month. But who know, maybe it’ll be more!

Riddle me this: Are you a book dragon (hoarder of books)? It’s cool if you are, I mean you’re in the best company…

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