Kindle Unlimited Rec of the Week – Angela Snyder’s ‘Keep Me’ series

If you have Kindle, or use the Kindle app – I recommend subscribing to Kindle Unlimited. I can’t speak to all genres – but I can say there are a tonne of romance titles available. For about $10 a month, you can read as many as you like, and if you aren’t into the title, you can simply return it!

Not all Kindle Unlimited titles are created equal, and I can go through many books before finding that one I just can’t put down, and those are the titles I will always recommend. This week I am recommending the “Keep Me” series by Angela Snyder.

The Read Pages

I am well aware that these picks won’t be for everyone. They are “dark romances”. For me, that means that they often feature very morally ambiguous heroes. (I say heroes because that has been my experience with dark romances, but I imagine it can go both ways.) Dark romances often explore themes that are taboo, or downright uncomfortable. Obviously, you’d never look to these romances as paragons as healthy, well-adjusted relationships. These relationships are escapist fantasies that I hope aren’t based in any reality.

The “Keep Me” series comprises a duet of books. In the first part, “Keeping Her”, we are introduced to Adeline, and Lucien. Adeline is a mafia princess who has long been abused, and misused by all those around her. Lucien has had a childhood filled with trauma and abuse, and is unable to live “normally” in the world.

This series is a rollercoaster in all the best ways. There’s drama, intrigue, twists, and of course great chemistry between the leads. Dark romances are often romances on steroids. They are crazy over-the-top soap operas that I love with all my heart. The trick to a successful dark romance is making the audience care for the “bad guy” hero in spite of all logical sense telling the reader otherwise. Snyder is very successful in this regard, she infuses enough humanity Lucien, that I couldn’t help but root for this couple’s happy ever after.

So, let me know what you think. Do you read dark romances? Would you ever?

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