Review – The Wolves of Winter

The Wolves of WinterUntitled design

Author: Tyrell Johnson

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Canada

Pages: 320

Genre: Dystopian / Post Apocalypse


“Forget the old days. Forget summer. Forget warmth. Forget anything that doesn’t help you survive.”

After reading “The Wolves of Winter”, I needed a few days to mull over this debut by Tyrell Johnson. There are books that you know you’ll be able to long remember, and for me, “The Wolves of Winter” is that book.

Johnson dives right into his narrative as we are introduced to Lynn McBride. Lynn is an early 20-something living in a world ravaged by both a flu epidemic, and nuclear war. She is the type of female protagonist that is rare, an instant heroine, and you cannot help but to be enthralled by her. She is strong, capable, and fearless in the face of her new normal. Lynn lives – survives – with her mum, brother, uncle, and her uncle’s godson. They are rebuilding, trying to exist in a world that no longer offers comforts of any kind. Once we are introduced to the mysterious Jax, Lynn’s new normal starts to spiral.

Tyrell Johnson breathes new life into a once overpopulated genre. I recommend “The Wolves of Winter” unreservedly. Read it if you are a fan of survival stories, dystopian fiction, or just well written prose with strong world building.  It is a legitimate five star read.


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