Welcome to The Read Pages!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I’m excited to be launching The Read Pages: A Certain Book Blog.

Like any committed book lover, I am in a book club. It’s a most magical place where any books are allowed. Basically, if you love reading come and talk about it. And it’s during one of these meetings that I had an epiphany for The Read Pages.

The Read Pages will be devoted to reading, books (old & new), book news, and book love. It’ll be all books all the time. So, join me. (I mean, who wouldn’t want to?)


3 Replies to “Welcome to The Read Pages!”

    1. Hi – and thank you! I’m part of two book clubs. One is called ‘Any Book Book Club’ and welcomes readers of all genres sharing their favourite reads on a monthly basis. The other is a romance book club where we all read the same selection. I love them, it’s awesome to be able to find an in person book lover community!

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